Whoops! WHOOPEE!!!!

 I missed yesterday’s post – partly because I was busy (ya think?!), and partly because my daughter and her friend came to be with me at the ceremony. I took a much-needed break from conference activities to go hang out with them for a few hours, and we shared a delightful, delicious, and entertaining meal at a nearby Benihana.

When you have a stake in the outcome (our chapter was also cheering on our own double-Rita finalist Katie McGarry), the anticipation and air of excitement is far more intense. Having come to know the members of this group of Golden Heart® finalists so well over the past few months made it fun to cheer for the winners. Katie Graykowski, the only one of our category not planning on coming, quit one of her two jobs and showed up! It had felt incomplete without her, and I’m so glad she made it! It’s been a privilege to know each one of these women, and I am blessed with new friendships.

Jane O’Hanlon, Objection Overruled, won the Golden Heart in our category, Contemporary Single Title. Congratulations, Jane!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miranda Liasson, Baby on Board–Help!, won the Contemporary Series Romance category. Congratulations, Miranda!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krista Hall Reynolds, Broken Places, won the Romantic Suspense category. Congratulations, Krista!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanna Shupe, Drawn to the Earl, won the Historical Romance category. Congratulations, Joanna!!!!!!!!!!!!

AE Jones, Mind Sweeper, won the Paranormal Romance category. Congratulations, Amy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darcy Woods, Summer of the Supernova, won the Young Adult category. Congratulations, Darcy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a bittersweet moment when each name was called. Every one of these women worked very hard, wrote wonderful (and quite varied!) stories, and deserved to win. I was rooting for everyone – and was simultaneously glad for the winner and sad for those whose who didn’t get to go up and read their acceptance speech.

This has been a wonderful journey, and I’m glad I got to experience it. But in the end, it always comes down to friendships. I am a better person for knowing these Lucky 13s women!

And I would never have made it without the support of my local chapter, Louisville Romance Writers (yay!!!!!!), my friends, and my family. Thank you. I love you all.

About Leslie

Leslie gives voice to characters who struggle to find healing for their brokenness – and discover unconventional solutions to life’s twists. Her work includes novels Hijacked, Unholy Bonds, and Opal's Jubilee, and novellas Christmas Hope and Christmas Grace.
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4 Responses to Whoops! WHOOPEE!!!!

  1. Don Mulcare says:

    Hi Leslie,

    Thanks for bringing us along on your ride. Each of your fans has experienced the “thrill of victory,” the excitement of participation in such a magnificent celebration and the intimacy of knowing the players thanks to your inviting blog. It was a relief to learn that Katie Graykowski could attend after all. Thanks to you, so many of your fans actually communicated with Katie, Jane O’Hanlon,and the other fantastic nominees in your category. You have publicized the GH and RITA, spreading their image, raising awareness and expectations for the future. Your own generous heart provided a wonderful example of “sisterhood” as you sincerely welcomed and shared the stage with your new friends.

    So let’s have the news about the agents. Hopefully you will continue your busy schedule communicating with them as you fly northwest for the family gathering. You have to be thinking of taking photos for your book jacket.

    Thank you again!

    God Bless,


    • Leslie Lynch says:

      Thanks for accompanying us on this journey, Don! Your presence has been a wonderful constant that I’ve look forward to. Thanks for your support and for enjoying something outside your usual life – although you are an extremely curious person, and it’s fun to check out YOUR blog to see what you’ve been up to lately!

      Have a wonderful conference at Catholic Writers Conference Live! I hope you blog about that experience!!!


      • Don Mulcare says:

        Thanks Leslie,

        Enjoy your trip west. Relax a bit. Thanks for looking at my blog and for the idea of commenting on the Catholic Writers Conference Live!

        God Bless,


  2. Thanks for the shout out, Leslie. It was a pleasure and a joy to meet you. We are all winners, and the experience we got to live through gained us new friends and wonderful memories. Stay in touch!

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