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I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Allison Gingras on her radio program, A Seeking Heart, twice – the second time today. She is a gifted speaker, and makes it easy to carry on a conversation when you have no idea who might be listening, or how many people will check out the podcast later. Comfortable with the notion of radio, she also radiates confidence to her guests. At least, she does that for me!

The first time, in December of 2015, was my first experience with radio, and boy was I nervous! Allison assured me numerous times that the show was going well, even when I stumbled over my words at one point. (I’ve never gotten brave enough to listen to that podcast!) But it was a great learning experience, and I’m grateful that she invited me to talk about Christmas Hope and Christmas Grace, my two holiday novellas.

Today we talked about Opal’s Jubilee, book 3 of The Appalachian Foothills series, the most loosely linked of the series at that point. Opal comes from the fictional town of Jubilee in Eastern Kentucky, deep in the Appalachian hollows. But Jubilee also refers to the Jewish custom of the holy year of Jubilee, celebrated in the Old Testament every 50th year, when captives go free and debts are forgiven. This will mean something to Opal by the end of the book…

We also talked about Pope Francis’s Jubilee Year of Mercy, which is a focus of Catholic life worldwide through the end of this year. Opal experiences mercy as she finds her way in a society that would rather condemn than allow her a chance. She finds it in May Boone, the owner of a quilt shop, and in her hard-won freedom now that’s she’s out of prison and on parole. Eventually, she experiences the mercy of forgiveness and redemption, and true freedom, no matter where and how she will spend the rest of her life.

Being an author has plunged me into many endeavors that I never expected. Talk about pushing past one’s comfort zone, expanding one’s horizons. I will give all credit to Allison for introducing me to the medium of radio, and for helping this introvert step into its magical world! 

About Leslie

Leslie gives voice to characters who struggle to find healing for their brokenness – and discover unconventional solutions to life’s twists. Her work includes novels Hijacked, Unholy Bonds, and Opal's Jubilee, and novellas Christmas Hope and Christmas Grace.
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